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International Education

Center for International Education

Please take a moment to view the Southern University Center for International Affairs International Education recruitment videos in 英语中国人 和 葡萄牙语!

The Center for International Education (CIE) was established at Southern University A&米大学 to provide students with the opportunity to study abroad 和 to engage in Service Learning activities that would allow them to acquire a second language 和 knowledge of foreign cultures.

Through our programs abroad we promote cultural diversity among Americans who study abroad as well as create activities to help fulfill the institutions mission of producing 研究生s who possess a high quality global educational experience.

Campus wide activities

  • Establishing itself as the campus leader in international education, the Center for International Education (CIE) is responsible for creating study abroad programs all over the world, collaborative research projects with international partner universities, campus wide forums 和 conferences, 和 for serving as the focal point for all international activities 和 information on the Baton Rouge campus. The Center is actively pursuing external support for its international initiatives.
  • Innovative study abroad programs. 通过CIE, Southern University has created study abroad programs in Africa, 欧洲, Latin America 和 Asia that involves academic study 和 service learning activities.
  • The CIE works with academic units across the campus to develop international programs for their majors 和 minors. The Center serves as the catalyst for bringing global education to all levels of campus life.

Preparing global citizens

  • Study abroad programs on four continents
  • International internship opportunities
  • Teacher-training in foreign countries
  • Special scholarship opportunities through Rotary International
  • Encouraging more students to learn about foreign languages 和 cultures


  • Maintaining a national network of study abroad alumni
  • Networking with local international entities
  • Encouraging student participation in international community activities
  • Serving on city-wide international economic development conferences
  • Attending United Negro College Fund Special Program workshops on international opportunities for historically black colleges 和 universities
  • Advising the campus administration 和 community groups on international matters
  • Providing foreign language interpretation for community entities



Center for International Education
J. S. Clark Annex, 2nd Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70813


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